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Америка художника Стевана Доханоса

Америка художника: Оуэна Смита || Томаса Гарта Бентона, а также Акварели Стива Хэнкса
Будни чужого прошлого. Америка Стевана Доханоса

Стеван Доханос (Stevan Dohanos) (1907–1994) — американский художник и иллюстратор, приверженец школы социального реализма. Прославился как автор более 125 обложек для The Saturday Evening Post, а также мастер военного и пропагандистского плаката. ©

No Girls Allowed

2. Home Movies

3. Trailer Park Garden – Caravan Suburbia

4. Doing Dishes At The Beach

5. Mr. Fix-It

6. No Passing

7. Picnic On The Boat

8. Army Entertainment

9. Billboard Painters In Summer

10. Billboard Painters In Winter

11. Children Departing For Summer Camp – Track 11

12. Watermelon At Camp

13. Patriotic Band Concert

14. Ice Cream Truck At The Beach

15. Backup Collision

16. Buying Lobsters

17. Catching Home Run Ball

18. Separation Anxiety

19. Backstage At The Met

20. Labor Day Picnic

21. Packing The Car

22. Island Game

23. Inflating Beach Toy

24. Four-H Fair

25. Dripping Cones

26. Men Working

27. Fish Aquarium

28. Pete’s Double Headers

29. Barber Getting Haircut

30. Postcards

31. Art Lover – Tired Museum Feet

32. After The Parade – Times Square Cleanup

33. Boys Playing At Parachuting

34. Homecoming – New York Harbor, Christmas

35. What’s This?

36. The Chains Of Fear

37. Couple Shopping At Horse Drawn Flower Cart

38. Two Generations Of Vets – Fourth Of July Parade

39. Backyard Barbecue

40. Honoring The Dead

41. Dinner Bell

42. Penny Candy

43. Barnside Circus Poster

44. Picking The Right Color

45. Whose Initials

46. Coastal Postal Office

47. title unknown

48. Wayne Pump Co. (ad)

49. Your New Home

50. A Little Moore Paint Makes A Big Difference (ad)

51. A Snack After The Movies

52. Food Fair, Philadelphia

53. March Band At Football Game

54. Chocolate Easter Bunnies

55. Anti-Aircraft

56. It’s No Sale, Lady!

57. America’s New Lifeline To Africa

58. Coca-Cola

59. Mining Village

60. Saturday Evening Post (cover)

Также по теме: Америка на работе 1939-1943 (в цвете) || Америка на работе 2011
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